Middle Tennessee State University

Middle Tennessee State University

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A public, comprehensive university in Murfreesboro, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) is the second largest institution of higher learning in Tennessee. It caters to the diverse educational needs of the student community it serves.The university was founded on September 11, 1911 as the Middle Tennessee Normal School for teacher training. Accordingly, the college gained university status in 1965.Currently, the university has grown from a campus of 100-acres, 125 students, and a faculty of 19 to an academic city of more than 500 acres, about 21,000 students, and a faculty of nearly 800. It has been accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges to award associate, bachelor, master, specialist, and doctoral level degrees in a continuum of liberal arts, sciences, and professional programs.MTSU is made up of seven colleges: the College of Basic and Applied Sciences, College of Education and Behavioral Science, College of Graduate Studies, College of Liberal Arts, the College of Mass Communication, Jennings A. One of the most popular programs at Middle Tennessee State University is the Recording Industry offered at the College of Mass Communication.The Department of Aerospace has a working agreement with the single-runway Murfreesboro Airport to provide many of its classes on-site. Certificate programs in Creative Writing and distance learning programs in some undergraduate and graduate programs are also offered.Located approximately 30 miles from Nashville in Murfreesboro, the university campus is home to some of the most historic buildings such as Kirksey Old Main, Rutledge Hall, Todd Hall, and Davis Science Building. Walker Library, Albert Gore Research Center, and Howard Music Library.MTSU is a member of the Tennessee Board of Regents System — one of the two higher education systems in Tennessee.

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