What was sexuality like in Ancient Rome? Experimentation in ancient times.

What was sexuality like in Ancient Rome? Experimentation in ancient times.

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All the societies of the different historical eras have had their particular ways of understanding and experiencing sexuality.

The concepts of the sexual have been changing for cultural, moral, biological, medical reasons, etc., but the individual has never been able to dispense with this aspect of his life.

Many past civilizations founded a series of erotic behaviors that have endured to this day, adapting to the context.

Thus, although in Imperial China uncomfortable metal phallic rings have been used and today male masturbators stimulate the prostate area due to their multiple implementations, both harbor the same essence: resorting to an object to provoke the climax.

The same happens with current lingerie and kestós of the ancient greeks. There is no doubt that there has always been a constant and undeniable search for sexual stimulation, beyond culture and time.

In Ancient Rome we find interesting sexual behaviors. For example, homosexual experiences and pedophilia were not rejected or sanctioned.

On the contrary, it was known that rulers and famous people had teenagers as lovers and / or sex slaves. On more than one occasion this was induced from the poet Virgilio. However, as historian Mary Beard points out, in homosexual intercourse the Roman should never opt for the passive role, since this tarnished his honor.

On the other hand, if a married man wanted to experience certain fantasies, he could resort to slaves or prostitutes without this representing a betrayal of his wife, since Roman women usually had a role confined to reproduction and nurturing.

Furthermore, all genital-shaped objects were believed to be gifts from the gods for the purpose of encouraging intercourse..

By virtue of this, the Romans recognized eggs, pepper, garlic, nettle, pine nuts, asparagus, lobsters, mollusks, etc. as aphrodisiacs.

In addition to this, for passionate nights they used to decorate their rooms with scented candles, rose petals and steams of special infusions.

Nor can we ignore the lavish sexual celebrations that the Romans had on certain dates.

The Lupercales, for example, were primitive festivals that lasted in the period of the Empire until its prohibition by the Church. In them orgies, sadomasochistic practices, rituals with animal blood, grotesque stagings, among other activities, took place.

Orgies were never forgotten festivals by the Romans, as numerous emperors performed them, each giving them a distinctive stamp and, many times, more obscene than entertaining.

The most extreme orgiastic ceremonies are attributed to Caligula, Nero and Tiberius.

This quick review of certain sexual practices of the ancient Romans shows that there has always been a constant experimentation of individuals with their sexuality.

Orgy parties, erotic toys, fetishes, they are not contemporary creations far from it. Conversely, They respond to an antiquity that we would be hard to imagine if it were not for the fact that the historical documents and archaeological evidence are there, revealing the behaviors of the ancients, who are quite ‘current’.

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